Vyntus™ BODY Plethysmograph

Vyntus™ Body Plethysmopgraphy is patient and clinical friendly by offering high levels of accuracy, efficiency, adaptability and comfort. The cabin can support up to 551 lbs. but if a patient exceeds the weight capacity or has other limitations to sit within the cabin there are alternatives that allow the patient to complete a pulmonary function test or additional maneuvers without needing to get inside the cabin. 

Features Include:
• 28% Larger Cabin (1100 L) with no increase in footprint
• Completely redesigned breathing circuit
• Powered by SentrySuite Software

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Vyntus™ CPX Exercise Testing

The Vyntus™ CPX is powerful exercise testing device that collects full breath by breath data to the body’s response to exercise. This type of cardiopulmonary testing device results in accurate and reliable results so patients get diagnosed correctly. Receiving the proper treatment can be life changing for patients who have trouble breathing.