Roozbeh Sharif

Roozbeh Sharif, MD

Board-certified pulmonologist Roozbeh Sharif, MD, and the team specialize in diagnosing and treating pulmonary conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, and occupational related lung disease and respiratory infections. Additionally, Texas Pulmonary Institute offers a post ICU transitional care, comprehensive COVID care and smoking cessation programs.

Melanie Denz – RN

Melanie Denz is our Clinical team lead and manages our PAH service line. She has a background in critical care and emergency medicine. In her spare time her hobbies include spending time with her family.

Kylee Parker – LVN

Kylee Parker is our Clinical Liaison and manages our asthma and biologics service line. She has been a nurse for ten years, and has a background in pediatric, geriatric, and home health nursing. In her spare time she enjoys time outdoors with her family.

Jorge Rey, Clinical Director
Sleep Medicine

Melanie Heather Maddie, Clinical Lead
Pulmonary Function Test

Angel Hall, Clinical Lead
Beaumont Office

Melissa, New Patient Coordinator

Jennifer, Medical Assistant

Administrative Team

Alex Paul, Manager – Clinical Operations

Wendy Sellers, Manager – Revenue Cycle Integrity

Arvia, Patient Care Specialist

Marie, Patient Care Specialist